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Zementsilo, Zementsilo, horizontales Zementsilo
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Zementsilo, Zementsilo, horizontales Zementsilo

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    Verpakung: Standardpaket
    Marke: DOM
    Ort Von Zukunft: Shandong, China (Festland)


Modell: CS27+27


Zementsilo, Zementsilo, horizontales Zementsilo
Product Description

Horizontal hopper in fully welded construction.Complete silo system assembled on a common flat rack hook container.Alternatively the silo can be delivered mounted on a bogie trailer or a flat rack trailer.Designed for easy flowing materials such as Portland cement with a bulk density of 1.13 tons/m3.
The cement silo is delivered complete with cement discharge,screw conveyor for transport of cement at the bottom of the silo,cement injection,grids for cement inlet,cutters for big bags,top hatches,electric external motor vibrators,self cleaning dust filter,standard silo equipment,lifting devices for easy transportation and control unit.

We accept customized order ,can design and manufacture according to customer's requirement.

Type: frame type

Capacity:  15m3   27 m3

Transport: put in 40 HQ flat rack

Installation:Engineers service  on site

Customization is acceptable

Type: container type

Capacity:  21 m3

Transport:Framework transportation

Installation:Engineers service on site

Customization:  acceptable

Type: stackable container type

Capacity:  42 m3

Transport: Framework transportation

Installation:Engineers service on site

Customization:  acceptable

Type: wheel  type

Capacity:  15m3   27 m3

Transport: put in container

Installation:Engineers service on site

Customization:  acceptable

Bag type cement silo

Volume: 1t – 10t
Transport: Container
Installation: No need

Technical Parameters


27 m³

35 m³


Wheel Type

Frame Type

Electric Power(3*380V,50Hz)

9.2+5.5KW(Screw Conveyor+Cement Auger)

9.2+5.5KW(Screw Conveyor+Cement Auger)

Cement Auger









Cutter for big bags






Remark: The above data is just  for refenence,we accept customized order, can design and manufacture according to customer's requirement

1.Steel material , anti-rust and anti-corrosion, waterproof and moisture-proof. Long working service life.

2.High reliable working performance and easy to move.

3.Leading professional designer and manufacturer.

4.We accept customized order, can design and manufacture according to customer's special requirement.

Main Accessories
Dust Collector

Two types dust collector, one is vibrator type, one is air jet type.

The filter in vibrator type need to be changed twice a year, the filter in the air jet type need to be changed once a year.

Pressure Relief Valve

Ensure the balance of pressure inside and outside of silo.

There are 6 vibrators on the silo.

Cement is easy to harden in the silo, vibrator will break the harden part of cement, ensure the work of cement silo.

Level isplay Sensor There are 8 Level display sensors on the leg, they can tell you how many cement left in the silo. You can decide when to feed cement. 

Packaging and Shipping


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